Bluffers Guide to Classic Films

We asked you for the classic flicks you haven't seen, here's what you're missing...

The office gasped when Toby revealed he had never seen This is Spinal Tap, which was voted the number 1 comedy of all time.

We asked you via Facebook for the classic films you've never got round to seeing, so here's the most popular unseen's in our Bluffers Guide to Classic Films.

This is Spinal Tap (1984)

Tagline: Does for rock and roll what "The Sound of Music" did for hills.
What it's about:
Spinal Tap, the world's loudest band, is chronicled by hack documentarian Marti DeBergi on what proves to be a fateful tour.
Famous Quote: "But these go to 11." 
Did you know? Director Rob Reiner and the three main stars are credited as the writers of the film, based on the fact that much of the dialogue was ad libbed by them.

Titanic (1997)

Collide With Destiny.
What it's about:
 A boy and girl from differing social backgrounds meet during the ill-fated maiden voyage of RMS Titanic.
Famous Quote: "I'll never let go, Jack." 
Did you know? It's the second-highest grossing film of all time, behind Avatar, having grossed $1.8 billion in the worldwide box office.

Ghost (1990)

Tagline: A love that will last forever.
What it's about:
After being killed during a botched mugging, a man's love for his partner enables him to remain on earth as a ghost.
Famous Quote: "Ditto." 
Did you know? The film was a huge box-office success, grossing $506m on a budget of $21m (LA Times).

Forest Gump (1994)

Life is like a box of never know what you're gonna get.
What it's about:
 Forrest Gump, while not intelligent, has accidentally been present at many historic moments, but his true love, Jenny, eludes him.
Famous Quote: "Run Forest, Run." 
Did you know? In 1996, a themed restaurant opened based on the film, and has since expanded to multiple locations worldwide.

Dirty Dancing (1987)

First dance. First love. The time of your life.
What it's about:
 Spending the summer in a holiday camp with her family, Frances ('Baby') falls in love with the camp's dancing teacher.
Famous Quote: "No-one puts Baby in a corner." 
Did you know? Dirty Dancing became a massive box office hit. As of 2009, it earned over $214 million worldwide.

Top Gun (1986)

Tagline: I feel the need, the need for speed.
What it's about:
 The macho students of an elite US Flying school for advanced fighter pilots compete to be best in the class, and one romances the teacher.
Famous Quote: "Tower, this is Ghost rider requesting a flyby."
Did you know? Paramount paid as much as $7,800 per hour for fuel and other operating costs whenever aircraft were flown outside of their normal duties with the US Air Force. 

E.T. (1982)

Tagline: He is afraid. He is totally alone. He is 3 million light years from home.
What it's about:
 A meek and alienated little boy finds a stranded extraterrestrial. He has to find the courage to defy the authorities to help the alien return to its home planet.
Famous Quote: "E.T. phone home."
Did you know? Elliot's surname is never mentioned.