Dont Panic! The Verdicts Are In For The New Dad's Army Film

Dad's Army - Official Trailer 2


Once a regular Wednesday night TV series, Dad's Army has now been brought the big screen.

It's the movie we've all been gearing up for and this comedy movie hits the big screen on February 5th, 2016 but is it any good? How closely has it stuck to the the hit TV series and does the injection of glamour, Catherine Zeta-Jones is a sultry war reporter, make or break the comic element. We take a look at what the papers say and the latest verdicts and movie reviews of this British Classic remade.

The Daily Mail 
Brian Viner writes, It will win your heart. It has the same sort of gentle charm and a few bursts of inspired physical comedy. Nobody could ever make a better Captain Mainwaring than the late, great Arthur Lowe, but Toby Jones pulls off the pomposity, the middle-class chippiness, and above all the slapstick timing, to something close to perfection.

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The Guardian
Toby Jones does an eerily good Arthur Lowe impression as Captain Mainwaring; Bill Nighy is the diffident Sergeant Wilson; Tom Courtenay is the excitable Corporal Jones; Michael Gambon is the geriatric Godfrey who always needs to be “excused” and Bill Paterson is the lugubrious Private Frazer. Blake Harrison plays the gormless youth Pike and Daniel Mays is the spivvy Walker. Catherine Zeta-Jones provides an incongruous shot of glamour

The secret weapon is Jones, cast as bumptious Capt. Mainwaring; without his theatre-trained knack for physical comedy, the entire enterprise could collapse. Executing several neat little bits of business alongside broader pratfalls, with imaginative choices in his line readings, he doesn’t attempt an impersonation of Arthur Lowe’s original Mainwaring, and the performance is all the better for it.

Catherine Zeta-Jones arrives with Chelsea Pensione

Catherine Zeta-Jones with Chelsea Pensioners at the Premiere of the film

The Sun
All the gentle wink-wink humour remains. Expect gags about being “on top” and lots of farcical hiding behind sofas. So what if many of the jokes are older than the cast’s combined age? They’re the best ones. And they’re delivered by great actors. Toby Jones as Captain Mainwaring and Michael Gambon as Private Godfrey have comic timing to match the originals.

Radio Times 
Michael Gambon is glorious as Godfrey and Toby Jones charms as the deluded Captain Mainwaring in a "fond, flag-waving if faulty" film. The popular British sitcom is set during the Second World War had us in stitches from 1968 until 1977. The TV series follows the mishaps and mayhem of the Home Guard Platoon of the fictional town of Walmington-on-Sea - and the film promises to do just the same! 

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The well-loved characters will return played by a great line-up

The beloved characters from the original series will return, played by an absolute sterling cast. Barmy-bank-manager-turned-commander Captain George Manning is played by Toby Jones, Bill Nighy plays Sergeant Arthur Wilson, Sir Tom Courtenay plays Lance Corporal Jack Jones and frail medic Private Charles Godfrey is played by Michael Gambon. Inbetweener Blake Harrison takes on the role of Private Frank Pike and Daniel Mays plays Private Joe Walker. 

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Catherine Zeta-Jones plays a journalist reporting on the Home Guard

Frank Williams is the only member of the original cast who will be in the film and he will be resuming his role as Reverend Timothy Farthing. Original writers David Croft and Jimmy Perry also returned to the drawing board for the film. 

The film is set in 1944, a glamorous journalist (Catherine Zeta-Jones) comes to the town to report on the the Home Guard Platoon and MI5 discover a spy is present in Wilmington-on-Sea. 

This is one we simply cannot wait for!