6 Totally Arrestable Offences Committed By Disney Characters

Snow White Police Line

Aladdin, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty are some of the stories that will forever live in our greatest childhood memories, but looking back there's some things our favourite characters definitely wouldn't be able to get away with.


We all bought into the love story of a pauper faking his riches in hopes of marrying a princess. However, isn't this basically fraud? Of course Aladdin soon realised that honesty was the best love policy.  


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Snow White

A young woman stumbles upon a quaint little house in the woods and decides to call it her home. Well it's lucky that the seven dwarfs were so hospitable because because any other home owner would call this breaking and entering. Very much a punishable offence.  

Sleeping Beauty 

After being cast under a spell, Sleeping Beauty can only be brought to life by the kiss of her one true love. However, if you think about it, isn't there something a little creepy about this whole situation..? 

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We understand that Mulan was just stepping in to fight the war on behalf go her ill father, but surely lying about your name and gender counts as identity fraud?  

Peter Pan 

A kid who never wants to grow up taking children away to a magical kingdom without the consent of their parents? Of course it's all part of one big magical adventure but when you really think about it... THIS ISN'T RIGHT! 

Alice In Wonderland 

Even when we were little we secretly knew there was something a bit strange about Alice in Wonderland. First she drinks a weird substance left by a complete stranger (BIG NO, NO!) and then acts all surprised when she descends on a trippy adventure. Hmm, it's all very suspicious. 


Well, it's safe to say that our childhood has been slightly tainted, but lets face it, what would Disney be without it's the weird illogical and nonsensical quirks?