These Two Disney Films Are Connected In A Way You Would NEVER Imagine!

Monsters Inc and Brave

By Alice Westoby

There are a lot of Disney films that are connected, but this theory will blow your mind!

Disney are notorious for hiding easter eggs in their films! 

Most recently, the connection between Tarzan and Frozen revealed that Anna and Elsa were related to Tarzan. 

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But now a video of Disney Pixar 'easter eggs' that has been posted on the official Toy Story Facebook page has added more fuel to rumours that two other Disney films are connected - Monster's Inc and Brave! 

Film writer Jon Negroni came up with a theory that ALL the Pixar films exist within one universe and all have a connecting story, but we'll just focus on Monster's Inc and Brave.

In the Pixar 'universe' these two films are set furthest apart. Brave, in the Dark Ages in Scotland, and Monster's Inc far in the future, so far that humans don't exist anymore.

Negroni says that the monsters, rather than travelling to a different dimension, travel back in time to scare humans and as in the plot of Monsters Inc, collect their screams for energy.

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Brave is the only Pixar film that explains WHY animals can talk - and the reason for this? The will-o'-the wisps. 

In Brave, Merida accidentally turns her mother into a bear and seeks magic from an oddball witch and the mysterious will-o'-the-wisps

The witch behaves pretty peculiarly and disappears when she passes through doors - sound familliar?

Back to Monster's Inc. 

Boo grew very close to Sully who she nicknamed 'kitty' and through her wardrobe door saw an advanced future where furry things could talk. 

Negroni's theory ponders what happened to Boo when she grew up. 

She probably remembered her precious 'kitty' and ended up working out how to harness doors to travel in time like the monsters could.

In case you haven't already guessed it, the theory is that the witch from Brave is Boo! 

Boo and the Witch from Brave

How else would that explain WHY she disappears when she walks through doors? She's travelling in time of course!

And in case you are still not convinced, here's more evidence... 

Sully easter egg in Brave

A wood carving of Sully, her beloved childhood friend, that she's constantly trying to find, is in the background of her workshop in Brave.

And how do we know she's travelled back in time? 

Pizza Planet easter egg in Brave

Here is a wooden carving of the Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story which she would never have been able to imagine had she not come from the future.

Some have also wondered whether the other easter eggs across ALL the Pixar films were left as a trail by Boo to try and find Sully or help him find her.

And there's a LOT more to the entire theory than just those two films. In fact, Jon Negroni has written a whole book about it called 'The Pixar Theory'.

But we think that's enough for the day...its pretty complex stuff!