Release date: 3 June 2011

Running time: 104 mins

Certificate: U

Joe Nussbaum

Starring: Aimee Teagarden, Nicholas Braun, Jonathan Keltz, Yin Chang, Janelle Ortiz, Joe Adler, De'Vaughn Nixon, Kylie Bunbury, Raini Rodriguez, Thomas McDonell

Down at Brookside High, senior class president Nova Prescott (Aimee Teagarden) is determined that this year's prom is going to be the best ever. Her prom committee includes the equally ambitious Brandon (Jonathan Keltz), artistic Mei (Yin Chang), gossipy Ali (Janelle Ortiz), and laidback Rolo (Joe Adler).

Meanwhile, others are fretting over how to get dates for the event.

Super-jock Tyler (De'Vaughn Nixon) has conceived an ambitious romantic plan for asking his girlfriend, Jordan (Kylie Bunbury). Poor old loser Lloyd (Nicholas Braun) is much less fortunate.

Turned down by every girl he asks, he gets advice from his sister Tess (Raini Rodriguez). Then disaster strikes! A freak accident results in the destruction of all the prom decorations, throwing Nova's carefully laid plans into turmoil.

Much to her horror, only school outsider Jesse Richter (Thomas McDonell) can save the prom now...

Screenplay: Katie Wech   Distributor: Disney

You should see it because: As proms become a fixture in the UK, here's a teen comedy to show us how it's done!

See it if you liked: Mean Girls (2004), Easy A (2010), You Again (2010)