Remember The 'First Lobster' From Love Actually? She's All Grown Up!

First Lobster Love Actually

Remember the little girl who played the all important first lobster at the nativity in Love Actually? Well she's all grown up!

December is the time of year we all fall in love with Hugh Grant again thanks to festive chick flick, Love Actually.

Time has flown and its been a crazy 13 years since the film was released and many of it's main stars have become even BIGGER stars such as Andrew Lincoln who stars in the Walking Dead and Chiwetel Ejiofor who starred in 12 Years A Slave.

But what about the younger cast members of the show? 

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Well cast your minds back to the film and you might remember Harry (Alan Rickman) and Karen's (Emma Thompson) daughter Daisy, better known as the first lobster in the school nativity play...

She was played by 11-year-old Lulu Popplewell who is now all grown up!

Poor Lulu has to relive her Love Actually fame every year and told Digital Spy that she gets "a bit awkward because I was such a small part in it."

Lulu Popplewell Love Actually Lobster

Picture: Twitter @Lulu_Popplewell

"There aren't many crustacean-baed acting roles going these days - it's a niche skill".

It definitely takes some talent to portray the foremost Lobster that attended the birth of Jesus! 

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But since then she left the acting world and headed into a career of stand up comedy, impressively making it to the finals of the Leicester Square New Comedian Awards.

She also told the website that she wants to get back into acting eventually but finds its a trickier industry to break into than stand up comedy.

"At least with stand-up you can just go and do an open mic, whereas you can't really just sit in your room and give your best Lady Macbeth to the mirror. I mean you can, but it starts to annoy your housemates eventually, I find..."