INTERVIEW: Robert Downey Jr and Robert Duvall Talk 'The Judge'.

Robert Duvall, 83, admits in an exclusive chat with Heart's showbiz reporter Kevin Hughes that he "didn't recognise" Robert Downey Jr, 49, when he met him for the first time at a Greek restaurant before they began working together on their new film 'The Judge.'

Robert told Heart: "I'd never worked with (Robert) directly and I never knew him. We'd met in a Greek restaurant in Malibu and I didn't recognise him! Then when we left my wife said 'Don't you know who that was?'"

Despite the initial confusion, the 83-year-old actor had nothing but praises for his on-screen son, as he gushed: "(Robert) is a very accessible guy, terrific to work with, very democratic, very talented." 

'The Judge' tells the story of a successful lawyer (Downey Jr) who returns home for his mother's funeral only to discover that his father (Duvall) is suspected of murder despite holding a respectable job as the town's judge. 

Find out what happened when both stars sat down for a chat with Heart. 

'The Judge' is in cinemas now!