10-year-old star Isabelle Allen talks about Les Miserables

The British child actor opens up about her first big Hollywood film role

Isabelle Allen from Eastbourne is certainly no ordinary 10-year-old.
The actress may not be a household name yet, but you will probably recognise her huge blue eyes, blonde hair and striking features from the posters of the new film version of the musical Les Miserables.

Previous to starring in the film, little Isabelle had no formal acting training and had only been in school plays, yet the youngster has beaten thousands of hopefuls to the role of orphan Cosette.

“I was quite surprised that I was in a film" Isabelle told The Sun "because I had always wanted to be in one since I was really little. So it is kind of a dream.”

Allen will be heading to LA for the Academy Awards ceremony next month. The film is in fact tipped for Oscar glory.

Les Miserables is released in cinemas nationwide on January 11th.