Ever Wondered If Jack Could Have Survived On The Door With Rose? Here's Your Answer!

Jack and Rose door theory Titanic

Ever wondered if Jack could have fitted on that famous door and survived the Titanic with Rose? Here's your answer...

The Titanic is the ultimate love story and a real tear jerker of the film.

Lets be honest, we all cry at that SAME moment every time we watch it - when Rose is lying on the door in the icy sea and says "Jack, I'll never let go" and then...lets go! 


But through our tears we always can't help but think if Rose had only scooted over so there was enough room for the both of them on that door that he would have survived too!

It's definitely a point of contention in the film that's been passionately debated over the years, so if only somebody could bust the myth for us?

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Enter the Mythbusters!

You may have seen their TV show of the same name before where they take popular myths and, well, bust them!

So this time they took on the theory that both Jack and Rose could have survived the sinking of the Titanic...

In the clip the Mythbusters work out you CAN fit both people on the door but it would begin to sink into the water and as a result both Rose and Jack would likely freeze.

They came up with a clever idea to make the door more buoyant - tie their lifejackets so they are positioned underneath the door and make it float above the water line.

So yes, in theory both Jack and Rose COULD have survived on the door but it would take a bit of ingenuity which would probably be a bit tricky in freezing arctic waters. 

We can probably all stop blaming Rose for Jack's death now!