The Joneses

A picture-perfect family headed by Kate and Steve Jones, with children Jenn & Mick, moves into a suburban neighborhood that is loved by all. In reality, they are a fake family commissioned by a marketing company as a way to introduce new luxury-level products to neighborhoods around the world, using undercover marketing techniques.

Demi Moore is probably the youngest looking forty-seven year old we’ve ever seen!  Mind you she is married to the rather gorgeous Ashton Kutcher who’s 31 – so the saying ‘you’re as young as the man you feel’ makes perfect sense in Demi’s case!

She stars in ‘The Joneses’ – a clever film about a seemingly perfect family who moves into a suburban neighbourhood, but when it comes to the truth as to why they're living there, they don't exactly come clean with their neighbours.  

We've been chatting to Demi about the movie and tried her hardest to get Demi to reveal her secret to eternal youth!

Demi admits that lots of, how shall we say ‘personal time’ with her younger husband Ashton Kutcher, definitely helps keep her young – but she admits that she does get paranoid thinking people are scrutinising her -  looking for signs of aging!

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