The Last Song

We talk to Miley about her latest film 'The Last Song' in which she plays a rebellious girl who is sent to stay with her father for the summer. Through their mutual love of music, the estranged duo learn to reconnect.

It’s hard to believe this but global superstar Miley Cyrus is still only seventeen years old.  She shot to fame playing Disney character Hannah Montana – and launched a hugely successful movie and singing career off the back of that.

Rumour has it Miley’s retiring from playing Hannah this year and wants to take break from music to concentrate on films!

She’s starring in coming of age movie ‘The Last Song’ and was due to have a massive premiere here in the UK but couldn’t make it because of the Volcanic Ash cloud!

So instead we spoke to her down the line from her house in LA, from her very large wardrobe in fact!

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