Jason Statham stars as a policeman on the trail of a serial cop-killer serial in this tough British crime thriller.

Release date: 20 May 2011

Director: Elliot Lester

Certificate: TBC

Jason Statham, Paddy Considine, Aidan Gillen, David Morrissey

Serial killer Barry Weiss (Aiden Gillen), known as 'Blitz' to the media, likes to murder police officers.

Chasing him are two new partners - Brant (Jason Statham), a hard-as-nails copper, and Nash (Paddy Considine) a by-the-book officer who prefers to remain above the fray. These two must put aside their differences to chase down Blitz before he fulfills his promise to kill eight of their colleagues.

Muddying the waters is the hack crime reporter Dunlop (David Morrissey). As the man in the media that Blitz has chosen to contact, he feels that he has a stake in the case. Meanwhile Brant, no stranger to getting his hands dirty, cuts a swathe of destruction across London in pursuit of his quarry.

But when Blitz is finally tracked down, secrets emerge which change everything.

Nathan Parker   Distributor: Lionsgate

You should see it because: Britain's top action star Jason Statham tears up the screen once more in this gritty thriller.

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