Peter Pan live action remake: Cast, release date and storyline revealed

13 March 2020, 16:04

A Peter Pan live action remake is in the works
A Peter Pan live action remake is in the works. Picture: Disney
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

As Disney announce who will play Wendy and Peter in the new Peter Pan adaptation, we take a look at what else we know about the upcoming film.

Disney's live action remake of Peter Pan is a step closer to being made as they announce who will be playing Peter and Wendy.

As fans share their excitement around the upcoming Disney remake, we're taking a look into how much we know about the new film.

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From release date to cast and storyline, here's what we know so far:

Disney have reportedly cast two members of Peter Pan
Disney have reportedly cast two members of Peter Pan. Picture: Disney

Who has been cast in the Peter Pan live action remake?

According to Variety, two members of the cast have been announced, Wendy Darling and Peter Pan.

Alexander Molony will be playing Peter while Ever Gabo Anderson is said to be playing Wendy.

These are the biggest roles the two young actors have had in their careers yet.

Ever, however, isn't new to Hollywood as she is the daughter of actress Milla Jovovich and director Paul W.S. Anderson.

When is the Peter Pan live action remake out?

There is currently no release date for the live action remake, and filming is yet to begin.

However, with some members of the cast being revealed, we may see work starting on the motion picture soon.

However, director David Lowry said he is keen not to rush this project, explaining: "It took a long time to get the script to this point.

"I've been working on it for two years, but neither Disney nor myself wants it to just be an assembly line product. We want it to be special."

Ever Gabo Anderson will play the role of Wendy
Ever Gabo Anderson will play the role of Wendy. Picture: Getty

What is the new Peter Pan film about?

Script details of the film have not been revealed yet, and with Disney's track record of live action remakes it's anyone's guess what road they'll take with it.

While some remakes have stuck to the original stories, others – for example, Mulan – have been re-written and modernised.

More details to follow as they come in!

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