Watch: Singin' In The Rain Gets A Enchanting La La Land Makeover In This Musical Mashup

Singin' in the Rain (La La Land Style!) | The Unusual Suspect


By Holly Fishwick

If this video doesn't make you feel like dancing then we don't know what will?

One is a much celebrated feature film that was released in picture houses in 1952, whilst the other has taken cinemas by storm in 2017 and is all set for Oscar success. 

But it's clear to any film fan that Ryan Gosling and Emma's Stone's new hit flick La La Land, has more than a few things in common with the classic movie Singin' in the Rain. 

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La La Land harks back to musicals of old, so why not mash the greatest musical of all time with it?

Well that's exactly what one clever internet whizz kid has done... by setting the famous movie to music from La La Land. 

And dare we say it, the combination is beautiful!

Whilst you're at it why not also watch Gene Kelly twirl his umbrella in that iconic scene in Singin' in the Rain: