Tear-jerking films

With Toy Story 3 reportedly making grown men cry all over the country, we want to know what your top tear-jerkers are.

Fans of Disney may have already shed a tear or two watching love blossom between two very different robots in Wall-E or witnessing an unlikely friendship between an old man, a boy and a dog in 2009’s Up and it's now time again to reach for that handkerchief as the much awaited animated film Toy Story 3 is released.

Whether it's tragic love stories like Titanic, heart-warming classics like 1946's It’s a Wonderful Life, cute pets-led films like Marley and Me or death row mysteries such as The Green Mile, some films have the power to make us cry uncontrollably.

We want to know what films are always guaranteed to make you cry, so why not e-mail us using the form below? To give you a helping hand we have put together a few tear-jerking film scenes for you.

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