Watch The Trailer For 'The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel'

Step into the overwhelming sensory experience that is the gorgeous country of India and get all the backstage gossip from the cast and crew as they came together to film 'The Second Best Marigold Hotel'.

Filming a sequel is never an easy job. There's the success of the first movie to try and replicate and all the obstacles that come with making any feature film.

However, director John Madden shares his thoughts and feelings on how happy and relaxed the whole process was.

"I'm always looking for something to do in India." Richard Gere chimes in "As soon as I arrived I saw how hard people were working, but also how much joy was on set." 

Meanwhile Bill Nighy clearly also had a fantastic time filming the movie: "Travelling anywhere is a sensory overload, but perhaps more in India than anywhere else."

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Watch the full trailer:

Actor Dev Patel Chats To Heart About His Role In The Movie: