Watch The New About Time Trailer

See the trailer for Richard Curtis' new film About Time.

Love Actually director Richard Curtis, and actors Bill Nighy and Rachel McAdams, have come together for a new romantic film based on the magical idea of time travel.

Along with these famous faces, the film introduces new talent Domhnall Gleeson.

Gleeson plays the role of character Tim Lake, who at the age of twenty-one, is told by his father that he has the ability to travel through time.

As any young man would be, Lake is thrilled to learn that he can now go back in time and undo any mistakes he may have made in the past!

But of course, it's never that simple and whatever Lake changes in the past, has a knock-on effect on his future that isn't always foreseeable at the time.

We have a feeling all sorts of mischief is sure ensue... But we'll have to wait until September 6th 2013 to find out!

Watch the trailer here: