WATCH: Exclusive Clip Of Rihanna In New Dreamworks Film 'Home'

RiRi stars in this new animation about an alien who visits Earth. Watch the exclusive clip here...

Rihanna stars in this animated film about an alien who doesn't quite fit in on his home planet. After making one too many mistakes Oh (voiced by 'The Big Bang Theory' star Jim Parsons) has to escape to Earth to hide and ends up running into Tip, played by the 'Stay' singer.

With flying cars, heart-warming friendships and just the right amount of chaos, 'Home' also stars  Jennifer Lopez as Tip's Mum and Steve Martin as the leader of the Boov race and looks set to be this year's big animation. 

'Home' is hitting UK cinemas on 20th March 2015, with nationwide previews on Mother's Day weekend - the perfect  film for the whole family! We've got our hands on an EXCLUSIVE clip from the movie, which sees Oh come into contact with music for the first time. Watch it above and watch the trailer below.