Your tear-jerkers

So Toy Story 3 has been reducing grown men to tears but we want to know which movies leave you all weepy. Here's some of your comments.

Josie Matley
Ps. I love you.. But a nice cry, titanic I sobbed I nearly drowned. My sisters keeper oh my god.. I'm such a wimp.. Any good film gets me xx

Clair Slater-Spires
Most recent I cried awfully hard watching 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas'

Laura McLeod
My sisters keeper! I loved the book and that made me cry. Although the film is different to the book it still made me blub!

Holly Tooze
Reading Take a Break makes me cry!!! But the movie I'm guaranteed to sob at is Watership down!! I can just turn it on at that last scene and thats it! I can talk about it too with the same effect!!

Ruth Tierney
Erin Brockovich at the end when they win the case, and she goes and tells them how much they have got!! You've Got Mail!! Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.

Cassie Whitworth
It's not a film, but has to have a mention, Married,Single Other. What a mess I got myself in watching that!

Rachael Carpenter
The Green Mile always makes me cry

Mandy Sharp
An Officer and a gentleman still waiting for it to happen to me lol i wish!!!

Louise Brown
To be fair I am a proper girl when it comes to crying at films! If there is a soppy, emotional part I cry!
Top Gun....gets me every time! My little boy takes after me too...we were both sat there crying watching Nanny McPhee and the big bang!! (he's only 6) xxx

Andrew Matthews
My Sisters Keeper was quite moving.

Laura Johnson
Green Mile

Grant Smith
well i haven't seen it but my friend said the notebook and if you cry then you have been "notebooked" lol might give it a go at some point

Becky Thompson
Romeo and Juliet

Sharon Willis
Green Mile, every time, what a film!!!!!!

Amanda Edgar 
my sisters keeper made me cry nearly all the way through and the princess and the frog made me cry

Jamie Lee Montgomery
my sisters keeper

Gill Beards
Ghost has always bought tears to my eyes. The part where patrick swazey enters whoppie golbergs body, so that he can hold his love (demi moore) is especially sad.

Bonita Woodyard
Ps i love you. i just sobbed the whole way through then at the end i couldnt stop crying, I wont be watching that again, my kids we like whats wrong with mummy lol.

Sharon Martin
Ring of Bright Water  is the film that always has me in tears its about a friendly playful pet otter who is tragically killed by someone who thinks otters are vermin but a short while before this otter met its tragic end he had gone missing in search of love, after the otter was killed the female he had found made a suprise visit on the otters owner bringing along the offspring of the deceased.

Nicky Smith
CITY OF ANGELS made me cry but is a really good film one of my favsxx:)

Stephen Laurie-Lynch
What made me cry was Titanic when Leonardo became frozen..... Never laughed so much in all my life had tears running down my cheeks !!!

Sharon Blake was Parnell
City of Angels & Goodnight Mr Tom, I know them both so well, I even cry when I know a sad bit is coming :-S

Rachael Bowie
the notebook never fails to make me cry at the end :( and pearl harbour!!

Michelle Lemmon
p.s i love you makes me cry from start to finish!!

Sharon Harvey
The one film that has had me in tears and is quite old now is The Champ I remember watching it when I was at school and Cried my eyes out LOL and Armageddon I love Bruce willis and hated it that they killed him off LOL

Vikkie XX
Omgosh so many films: Marley & Me, Titanic, The Notebook, Stand By Me, Green Street, The Green Mile, PS I Love You, Moulin Rouge, Bruce Almighty, Brokeback Mountain, The Holiday, ermm soo many more.
I cry at just about any film to be honest. There's soo many more just can't think at the moment.

Sarah Beeley
Marley and Me is both the funniest and one of the saddest films (and books) ever. The Worlds Worst Dog is hilarious, but the time when John and Jenny have to let Marley go is the saddest part, as its also true. Great film! and a great book too! Cried all the way through with laughter and then with sadness

Shelley A
im 16 and brother bear has me in tears everytime i see it!! im a girl by the way

Pat Coe
the champ

David Collins
Toy Story 3D- I hated it when they were in the inferno and all held hands together as they prepared for the last moments together. Heart wrenching

Damo O'Doherty
saddest film in history i defy any human not to cry!!! the champ

Sherroll Reilly
omg the champ, i cried for about 3 days after i saw that film, after the promise, who will love my children they all get me jeese i do be in bits, im sad now thinking of them :(

Sarah Kettle
Marley and Me (evil film lol) makes me ball my eyes out starting when she has the mischarage and the dog rests his head on her leg and looks at her with those big loving eyes, i'm welling up now!! reminds me of how my dogs are there for me even when i i've just had a nightmere! Love you poochies X

Joanne Thomas
Free Willy 2. When the whale comes back to rescue Jessie

Lisa Willeard
Star Trek-The Wrath of Khan when Spock dies and i know this is really silly, but i also cry when the Enterprise gets blown apart in The Search for Spock.

Ria Baker
The Horse Whisperer!! cried like a baby.
I think one of the most moving films I have seen that made me cry was Philadephia with Tom Hanks. Fantastic!

Damon Knee
Has to be the John Travolta movie, 'Phenomenon' but for my wife it's Michael Keatons, 'My Life'.

Jane Milner
The green mile made me cry and marley and me!

Kathie Kobasko
my life didn't think it would be any good ended up crying  great film then there is "pay it forward"
another great tear jerker

Christopher James Peploe
nevver cried at toystory3. but only a little bit.

Valerie Hayman
The film 'The Champ'.  I cried when the boxer died and his son was crying by his body.