Mufasa’s death in The Lion King voted the most heartbreaking film moment

22 December 2020, 14:24

Mufasa's death has been voted one of the saddest movie moments
Mufasa's death has been voted one of the saddest movie moments. Picture: Disney

Do you agree that The Lion King has the saddest scene in movie history?

Let’s be honest, sometimes we all like a good cry over a film.

Whether it’s Allie and Noah finally reuniting in the Notebook, or Rose letting go of Jack in Titanic, there have been some real tear-jerkers over the past few decades.

But now the most heartbreaking scene of all time has been voted by Ranker - and it comes from Disney’s The Lion King.

The cartoon might tell the story of little Simba on his way to becoming a King, but right at the start we see evil Scar throw his brother Mufasa into a stampede.

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The image of poor Simba snuggling up to his dad and begging him to wake up has never left us!

Coming in second, is the moment Littlefoot’s mum is killed right at the beginning of The Land Before Time.

Before the brontosaurus and his fellow orphaned friends head in pursuit of the legendary Great Valley, the scary T. rex kills his mother.

Marley was put down in Marley & Me
Marley was put down in Marley & Me. Picture: Fox 2000

Her last piece of advice to her son is: “Let your heart guide you; it whispers, so listen closely.”

Obviously Up also made the list, and similarly we see a death within the first ten minutes after Carl’s wife Ellie passes away.

This is what inspires him to go on his adventure as they’d always vowed to complete the trip together.

Elsewhere in the list is the death of cute dog Marley in Marley & Me much to the heartbreak of John and Jenny.

The newlyweds adopted Marley as a pup and the dog grows up with their family, even if he is a little bit naughty.

Dobby the Elf’s tragic death in the Harry Potter franchise also makes the list, as well as the death of Old Yeller after he’s bitten by a rabid wolf.

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