Fans Have Spotted Noel Fielding's Bake Off Outfit In The Ladies Section!

20 September 2017, 07:32 | Updated: 20 September 2017, 08:07

Noel Fielding Ice Cream Shirt

By Alice Westoby

The Great British Bake Off host's eclectic fashion sense doesn't limit him to menswear.

Noel Fielding has never been known for dressing subtly and his known for his garish fashion choices but we wouldn't have him any other way.

The kooky presenter of the Great British Bake Off has been pulling some seriously unique looks out the bag this series so far but last night's ensemble has made the most headlines.

The host sported a pastel pink shirt covered in ice creams for Caramel Week which is from quirky independent clothing brand Lazy Oaf, but fans have spotted the outfit somewhere before...and not on a man!

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Eagle eyed viewiers took to social media to point out thet YouTube royalty Zoella has the exact same shirt which means it's likely a unisex piece or Noel is just too fashion forward to even care!

We wouldn't blame him, it's a very cool shirt and perfect for hosting the country's favourite programme for all things sweet and delicious.

In other news last night, it was of course time for another baker to leave the tent and this week it was the turn of Tom from Scotland who proved that caramel perhaps wasn't his strong suit. 

He said: "“Dissapointed to be leaving, but I did a really bad cake and everyone else did excellent cakes and I think it’s totally fair.”

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