Our Girl Fans Are Fuming About The New Series For This Reason!

18 October 2017, 11:07 | Updated: 18 October 2017, 11:17

Our Girl Fans Are Fuming

By Alice Westoby

Fans have slammed how unrealistic the most recent series of Our Girl is.

Fans of Our Girl have been super excited to see Michelle Keegan back on screens as Corporal Georgie Lane but after only a couple of episodes many already seem disappointed.

Viewers have pointed out that so far episodes haven't seemed very realistic at all and for one glaringly obvious reason...how glam Michelle Keegan looks!

Michelle Keegan Make Up Our Girl

It's safe to say if you were a soldier on active duty in a war zone you wouldn't be concerned with drawing your eyebrows on or contouring but her character Georgie Lane always looks flawless.

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Not only is the appearance of her character making fans feel it isn't realistic, but also the fact she is the only character with a full face of make up on in the entire show.

One fan took to Twitter to give her thoughts and joked that the only think missing from Michelle Keegan's dolled up appearance is a pair of heels!

Sometimes fans can be a little scathing when it comes to their favourite TV shows but the overwhelming opinion online is that it's ruined the realistic illusion of the show.

Of course girls can look glamorous as they like but it's a fact that in real life female soldiers likely wouldn't be allowed to take luxuries such as make up with them on a mission.

Luke Pasqualino Our Girl

Let's hope the only way is up for this series, after all last night's episode did see the return of Luke Pasqualino's hunky character Elvis so that will definitely keep the female fans hooked!