Piers Morgan Just Got Totally Shut Down By Susanna Reid On Twitter!

24 July 2017, 12:17 | Updated: 24 July 2017, 12:21

Piers Morgan Susann Reid Love Island

The co-stars have a love hate relationship on Good Morning Britain but Susanna Reid just couldn't hold her tongue after Piers' latest comment.

If you haven't heard, Piers Morgan has a certain hatred for ITV2's much loved show, Love Island.

The Good Morning Britain star along with his fellow host Susanna Reid have discussed the show at great length on the GMB sofa and it's safe to say Piers is less than a fan.

But after debates on TV about what is arguably the biggest TV sensation of the year, the heated discussion has now moved over to Twitter where the famously witty voice of Love Island, Ian Stirling, has got involved!

It all started when Piers tweeted a 'discussion' (we're undecided about whether this ACTUALLY happened) he had with a cabbie...

Apparently the taxi driver said to Piers that his wife adores Love Island, Piers responded 'Oh no. That's awful' and then recalled that the driver said "Yeah. I'll miss her". Brutal if true!

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The Good Morning Britain twitter account then waded in to stir the pot tweeting that Susanna thinks the show is 'quietly intelligent' with Piers thinking its 'noisily stupid' and asked who fans agreed with.

Ian Stirling, who is the Scotish voice of Love Island chimed in with a £100 bet that one of this year's Love Island couples will last the year to which Piers retorted that there was 'more chance of me eloping with @susannareid100'

Awkward! And Susanna didn't take lightly to the idea either...

We're with you there Susanna, running off into the sunset with Piers doesn't sound like a good idea. 

We'd much rather be locked in the Love Island villa!