Furious Piers Morgan hits out at his ‘ridiculous’ former school after it BANNED girls from wearing skirts

9 September 2019, 08:45 | Updated: 9 September 2019, 08:47

Piers Morgan has hit out at his former school
Piers Morgan has hit out at his former school. Picture: ITV

GMB presenter Piers Morgan hit back at Lewes Priory for enforcing a 'no skirts' policy for girls.

Piers Morgan caused a debate this morning when he lashed out at his former school for banning their students from wearing skirts.

Lewes Priory, in East Sussex, recently sparked fury when it brought in a gender neutral policy which means skirts are no longer part of the uniform.

More than 150 parents and students protested the policy on Friday morning and Sussex Police were even brought in to help control the planned demonstration.

But as two students from the school came in to the ITV studios speak about the incident, furious Good Morning Britain presenter Piers has branded the whole thing ‘ridiculous’.

Piers and Susanna spoke to children from Lewes Priory school
Piers and Susanna spoke to children from Lewes Priory school. Picture: ITV

Referencing the school’s decision to be inclusive, the 54-year-old said: “I have no problem with transgender people and fully respect their rights, I don’t see why all the rights of girls should be changed so dramatically.

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“I don’t think it’s right families have to fork out on a new uniform for no reason.”

Speaking to the young students who appeared on the morning telly show, he added: “Girls have grown up with feminism being a big talking point. Now you’re being told you’re not allowed to dress like girls.”

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This comes after the school - which Piers actually attended as a child - announced in 2017 that all students were required to wear trousers, after ‘concerns’ were raised over the length of skirts and to accommodate transgender pupils.

While it was originally said that only new students had to wear the uniform, just a few days before the new term, the school announced all students were required to wear the gender neutral uniform.

Hundreds of parents called the move ‘sexist’ as only girls had to change their clothing and many said they couldn’t afford to spend over £100 on a new uniform.

But Susanna Reid was quick to defend the decision, saying children shouldn’t have a choice when it comes to what they wear to school.

And it looks like viewers are totally divided over the debate, with one writing on Twitter: “If they want to wear skirts then they should.”

Another said: “It absolutely ridiculous if a girl wants to wear a skirt she can the world has gone nuts”

But a third hit back: “My daughter isn't allowed to wear skirt boo boo, get a grip, those people just wanted to make a fashion statement, it stops sexist remarks and sexual remarks towards girls.”