Primark Are Going To Be Selling Love Island T-Shirts From This Weekend!

7 July 2017, 17:07 | Updated: 14 July 2017, 11:11

Love Island T Shirts

By Alice Westoby

Fans of the ITV2 show will be buzzing to hear that official merch is heading to the high street!

This year's Love Island has produced some memorable quotes.

Whether it's Marcel Sommerville reminding the islanders that he "used to be in Blazin Squad" or Kem Cetinay calling the new lads "melts" the Love Island lingo has become truly contagious.

And Primark are about to start selling some t-shirts that are DEFINITELY our type on paper!

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As of this weekend exclusive Love Island t-shirt's will be hitting select stores of the bargain high street fashion chain. They are stocking six different designs featuring quotes from various islanders that have been popping up throughout this series.

They include the earlier mentioned catchphrases from the lovely Marcel and Kem aswell as well as "100% my type on paper", "#grafting", the classic "i've got a text!" and lastly the word used by Johnny to sum up Mike, yep, "muggy!".

Primark Love Island T Shirts

Primark Love Island T Shirts

He's really got a way with words that boy.

So if you're a Love Island fan you can now wear your favourite island-ism loud and proud for all to see. And who knows maybe it will get you striking up a conversation with a stranger over whether Amber is a game player or if Liv and Chris are the real deal!

Primark Love Island T Shirts

If that's not enough, you can download the Love Island app and bag yourself a personalised Love Island water bottle with your name on for £15.