BGT rocker Jenny Darren has previously released four albums

23 April 2018, 12:08 | Updated: 23 April 2018, 12:55

Jenny Darren BGT

The OAP rocker and BGT hopeful exclusively told Heart that she didn't just sing AC/DC on the show, she toured with them, too.

Jenny Darren, 68, fooled the country with her 'old woman' ensemble on Britain's Got Talent at the weekend. 

After stripping down to reveal a rock chick look, she blew the roof off the London Palladium with her performance of AC/DC's Highway To Hell.

But it turns out that the retired performer had more of a connection with AC/DC than just singing their song, she was their support act during the late 70s. 

Speaking to Heart, she revealed that she actually toured with the band themselves - but it wasn't all sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, it was more like feet up, kettle on.

She said: "We used to go back to AC/DC's dwelling place in London at the time and have cups of tea and cake. 

"We all had a laugh together, even though they were famous and I wasn't famous, we were all the same really."

Credit: ITV 

Despite her brush with fame, the BGT hopeful explained that her professional background doesn't give her any more advantage in the competition. 

She said to Heart: The thing is, until recently, I hadn't sang for 4 years, at all. 

"My big professional background was in 1977-1980 and after that, I didn't really sing for another 4-5 [years]. 

"It's been sing a bit, stop a bit, like you keep retiring then coming back round for another bash.

"I don't really think it's an advantage in that way really, because I mean I'm so old for a start!

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"They're all much younger than me, they should have a lot more stamina and a lot more fire about them than I've got, so I don't really look at it that way."

Credit: ITV 

Jenny explained that the real reason for her entering this year's Britain's Got Talent was down to trying to fund her own band. 

She told Heart: "I've got a little band, and they don't get paid much from these gigs and of course I don't get paid at all, and I just thought well it would be nice if we could get some really good gigs.

"I'm on a pension and I've been splashing out and helping the band out and thinking 'I can'y do this much longer - I just can't afford to do it'.

"That was the initial reason, and of course after that, it whet my appetite and now I want to WIN!" 

Credit: ITV

Simon Cowell was so impressed with the OAP's performance he cooed: "You’re a little tiger, no, you’re a big tiger aren’t you?"

After cruising through her audition with "four big fat yesses" from the judges, Jenny is considering spicing things up for her next performance. 

She said: "You can't really do exactly the same thing twice, so you've got to do something a little bit different - perhaps I'll come on in jodhpurs and a riding whip and big boots...I don't know! It would be nice to do something else."

Britain's Got Talent continues at 8pm this Saturday on ITV.