Cancer Survivor's 'Perfect Ending' On First Dates Has Viewers In Tears

28 April 2017, 15:14 | Updated: 14 July 2017, 11:11

Cancer Survivor Used To Hide False Leg On Dates | First Dates


By Hollie Borland

This week's episode of First Dates sent viewers on an emotional rollercoaster when a nervous Sarah came to the restaurant in a bid to find love.

Sarah first melted hearts when she told the camera that she'd never had a boyfriend and often puts herself down compared to "normal Barbie-doll girls". 

The 21-year-old told viewers that she'd had one of her legs amputated when she was 16 after she was diagnosed with bone cancer. 

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Cancer Survivor's 'Perfect Ending' On First Dates
Sarah and Phil met on First Dates. Picture | Channel 4 

On the night before she lost her leg, she says she painted every toenail a different colour - even though she wasn't technically allowed - because she knew it would be the last time.

She said: "I went down to theatre kicking and screaming. My dad said it was horrendous. I was trying to stay awake. I didn't want to go to sleep, knowing I'd wake up without my leg."

During treatment, Sarah lost her hair and her weight dropped to just above six stone. 

Although it saved her life, she now wears a prosthetic limb and it's left her feeling self-conscious and trying to hid it under her clothes when she goes on dates.

Cancer Survivor 'Perfect Ending' On First Dates Ha
Phil lost his mum when he was 17. Picture | Channel 4

On the show, viewers watched as maître d' Fred Sirieix sat her down with her date for the night, rugby player Phil. 

We were already feeling fragile after hearing Sarah's story but we were a blubbering mess once we'd heard Phil's.

He told Sarah that his mum had died from breast cancer when he was 17 and that she'd left a heartbreaking note for him listing all the qualities he should have.

Then Phil gently asked Sarah if there are things she misses that she can't do any more.

When Sarah said that she'd missed being able to walk into the sea, Phil suggested somebody would have to carry her.

We know, right? And the story doesn't end there. 

Because shortly after the episode aired, First Dates tweeted this photograph and we can't cope. 

Two months on from the show being filmed, Sarah and Phil are now a couple and most recently went on a date to the beach where he carried her into the sea!

This truly is a match made in heaven. 

You can catch up with the episode at and watch next week's episode at 10pm on Tuesday.