WATCH! Love Island Star Gabby FAILS Lie Detector Test As Her Real Intentions With Marcel Are Revealed!

19 July 2017, 12:47

Gabby Allen Love Island Lie Detector Asset

Fans have slammed the blonde beauty, but former Love Island stars have revealed the TRUTH about the notorious test.

Fans have been hitting out at Love Island's Gabby Allen after she told Marcel Somerville she loved him just hours after she failed a lie detector test.

The blonde beauty and her fellow female contestants were put under the spotlight during Tuesday night's show, and the nail-biting task meant their partners were allowed to ask them a string of questions.

The girls were hooked up to a lie detector machine and grilled by the boys, but things soon turned sour during Gabby's turn. 

When Marcel asked her if she loved him, she replied 'no' and the lie detector machine confirmed she was telling the truth.

Of course, the former Blazin' Squad star was left heartbroken as they have been the strongest couple in the villa, even opting to make their relationship official before anyone else.

And when the pair spoke about the lie detector later on in the show, she fumed: "You’re so stupid, because you’re making some point of nothing, you’re ridiculous."

However, it turns out that the row was just a small bump in the road for the couple as they rekindled their romance later that evening, with Gabby gathering her pals together to help her plan a surprise for Marcel.

She took him up to the balcony, where she explained that she DID love him but the timing hadn't been right to reveal her true feelings.  

However, fans quickly took to Twitter to slam the blonde beauty, calling her feelings "fake".

Despite the backlash from fans, former contestants on the show have rallied behind Gabby to slam the show for its "fake" lie detector tests and claim the results aren't real.

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