6 Relationship Tips From TV Shows You Can’t Afford To Ignore

Monica and Chandler Friends TV

Our favourite TV shows don't just provide good entertainment, they help us with our love life too! From 'Sex And The City' to 'Friends', check out the real life relationship tips we've stolen from the small screen...

Dating is a numbers game

If TV shows like ‘Sex And They City’ and ‘Friends’ have taught us anything, it’s that dating is a numbers game. It can take a long time to find “the one” and the sooner you get started the better. Sometimes, all we want to do is stay in and eat cookie dough in front of the TV instead of going on another terrible date, but just remember, this date could be the one that changes it all!

Sex and the city dating


Timing is everything

Meeting someone at the right point in your life is almost as important as meeting the right person. Remember when Rachel broke up with Tag because she realised she was ready to settle down and he wasn’t? Or how about, when Monica and Richard fell a part because she wanted children but he already had his own kids. If you’re struggling to find your lobster (thanks Phoebe!) just remember it might have nothing to do with your dating skills.


Friends can sometimes be more

You might think you’ll find your other half through dating but more often than we realise, the perfect person for us turns out to be a friend. Just look at ‘Boy Meets World’’s Cory and Topanga – what an epic love story! Sabrina and Harvey were friends long before they got together, and let’s not forget Monica and Chandler who never would have considered dating each other if Ross hadn’t said the wrong name at his wedding. In that case, it couldn’t hurt to take another look at your friends, right?


Love isn’t always romantic

It’s easy to get swept away with the idea that your relationship should be like a Hollywood romance, but real life isn’t always like that (unfortunately!). No TV show shows this more than ‘Roseanne’, which sees Roseanne and her husband Dan disagree, mess around and argue in the most adorable way. Don’t panic if you think your honeymoon period is over because all the in-jokes and memories you and your other half share will more than make up for it.


Learn to compromise

Cam and Mitchell (Modern Family), Jess and Nick (New Girl), Monica and Chandler (Friends)… Opposites definitely attract but that doesn’t mean you can’t drive each other crazy too. Take a leaf out of these couple’s book and learn to compromise with your partner. Chandler excepts Monica’s obsessive cleanliness, Nick tries to be more ambitious for Jess and Mitchell and Cam… well they don’t really compromise, which is why they end up arguing so much.


Ultimately, follow your heart

Ross and Rachel, Carrie and Mr. Big, Buffy and Angel, Joey and Pacey… No matter what obstacles they faced, they ultimately put them aside and ended up together in the end. After all, it’s all well and good creating a pros and cons list but at the end of the day you have to follow your heart.