Ross Kemp attempts 'floss' dance on Loose Women... but it quickly turns sexual

1 August 2018, 12:14 | Updated: 1 August 2018, 15:17

By Alice Westoby

The TV hard man surprised viewers with his fancy moves... and lack of rhythm.

Ross Kemp is best known as EastEnders hard man Grant Mitchell, and as the star of hard hitting documentaries about gangs and warlords. 


But yesterday, Loose Women viewers were treated to a different side of the 54-year-old star as he attempted to do the floss dance.

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The actor was visiting the Loose Women panel to discuss a near death experience he had when he was involved in a helicopter crash.

The interview was an incredibly sombre one with Ross opening up to the women about the experience that changed his life.

But things didn't stay serious for long and Ross Kemp - who we will now call Floss Kemp forever - got up and did the floss dance alongside Loose Women hosts Andrea McLean, Nadia Sawalha and fellow guest, Brian Conley.

His moves left much to be desired and looked less like flossing and more like inappropriate thrusting as he tried to co-ordinate his hands and hips, leaving viewers at home hot and flustered.

But where did the floss dance come from?

The parents out there will probably let out a groan when they find out the floss dance is actually from the biggest video game of the moment, Fortnite. 

The multiplayer Battle Royale style game has a series of victory dances that players can choose from and one of them is the now famous 'Floss'.

But not everyone is a fan. One primary school even banned the dance from the playground due to its violent connotations.