Shipwreck 2019 contestant Kalia Lai: Age, career and Instagram revealed

21 January 2019, 16:51 | Updated: 21 January 2019, 16:53

Kalia will be joining the 2019 cast of Shipwrecked
Kalia will be joining the 2019 cast of Shipwrecked. Picture: E4/Instagram: @kalia.lai

The Shipwreck 2019 cast member's job, hometown and social media accounts revealed as the E4 show returns to TV screens.

Who is Kalia from Shipwrecked?

Kalia is a model from Dunstable, Bedfordshire.

She also works in a Chinese takeaway when she isn't modelling which is anything from football kits to beauty products.

When asked why she thinks she got picked for the E4 show she said: "I defy a lot of stereotypes. I am 5 foot 2, I didn’t go to University, I am British/Chinese, I play football and I am a bit different."She has ambitions to be on TV and said she "would love to be on EastEnders".

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How old is Kalia from Shipwrecked?

Kalia is 20-years-old.

What is Kalia from Shipwrecked's Instagram account?

You can find Kalia on Instagram under the username @kalia.lai and as she's a model, great photos come with the territory and she shares regular snaps from various photoshoots

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She is also on Twitter and tweets under the name @kalialai and we're sure will be giving us some excellent 280 character commentary when the Shipwrecked episodes air.

However when asked what she missed most about her time on the island she said: 'I didn't miss social media.I loved being away from it. It was a detox. It was nice to go back to basics and get to know people without them spending have the time on the phone".

Speaking about her nerves before heading into the island she said:

"I was really nervous. I didn’t expect to be but I remember getting the flight details and thinking ‘oh my goodness me’! Reality sank in."