Shipwrecked Big T: Who is Tula Fazakerley? E4 contestant’s age, job and Instagram revealed

21 January 2019, 18:54

Shipwrecked Big T
Big T – real name Tula – is one of the new Shipwrecked contestants . Picture: E4
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

Shipwrecked is making a triumphant comeback for 2019, with a handful of new contestants, including Big T.

Shipwrecked will return to E4 on January 28th after airing it’s last episode back in 2012.

The hit reality show is returning after seven years away, where the Tigers and Sharks will return to go head to head in the ultimate popularity contest.

Among the new contestants is Big T – but what do we know about Tula Fazakerley?

From her age to profession and social media, here’s everything you need to know.

Shipwrecked Big T
Big T is a 26 year old wig maker. Picture: Instagram @tula_fazakerley

How old is Tula?

Big T is 26 years old.


You can follow Tula on her Instagram page tula_fazakerley.

What is Tula's job?

Tula is a part-time wig maker. Although a wig-maker, Big T decided to shave all her hair off before going to the island.

She said she did it because: “I was getting too attached to my hair. My life is not my hair. It was about stripping back.”

Shipwrecked Big T
Shipwrecked returns to screens on January 28th. Picture: Instagram @tula_fazakerley