Who is Shipwrecked 2019 contestant Harry Goodwins? Age, career and Instagram

21 January 2019, 19:00

Harry Goodwins will star on Shipwrecked 2019, which starts at the end of January
Harry Goodwins will star on Shipwrecked 2019, which starts at the end of January. Picture: Instagram

Shipwrecked 2019 cast: get to know new contestant Harry Goodwins - age, job, girlfriend and more.

Shipwrecked is set to hit screens later this month on E4 after being revamped for a millennial audience.

The original Love Island, which started way back in the year 2000, will see a whole new host of sun-drenched islanders attempt to battle it out on a deserted island and it looks set to be better than ever.

One of the contestants is six-packed hunk Harry Goodwins. Let's find out more about him.

Harry is a contestant on the new series of Shipwrecked
Harry is a contestant on the new series of Shipwrecked. Picture: E4

Who is Shipwrecked contestant Harry? What's his age and job?

Harry, 26, is a model from 'London and the world', according to his official profile. He describes himself as 'enigmatic, fun and ruthless", and says he'd most like to be stranded with Da Vinci. Very arty.

Speaking about his decision to go on Shipwrecked, Harry said: "To be honest it is not something I would usually do. I literally had nothing to do and I just thought ‘f** it’. Who doesn’t want to be on the beach!!!"

"And he reckons his modelling career is his biggest claim to fame, saying: "I have had a pretty successful career for the last ten years, mixing in the right fame circles. Modelling has its ups and downs and I am dealing with the cards I was dealt with."

What's Shipwrecked 2019 contestant Harry Goodwins' Instagram name?

You can join Harry's 17.5k followers @harrygoodwins. He's a big fan of holidays and topless pics, so we're reckoning he joined the right show.

Is Shipwrecked contestant Harry Goodwins single? Who is his girlfriend?

It looks like Harry is single, but claimed that he wasn't looking for a girlfriend on the island. He said: "Not a relationship no -maybe a bit of fun!" And speaking about more general holiday romances, he said: "If a one night stand counts as a romance then, yes, I have had them before!"

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What kind of Shipwrecked contestant is Harry?

Harry described himself as the 'dad' of the group, saying: "I stepped up to the plate to do chores." And discussing what abilities he brought to the island, he said: "I am definitely good at making fires! I don’t think I brought any skills but I was chilled on the island."

Shipwrecked returns to E4 at the end of January
Shipwrecked returns to E4 at the end of January. Picture: E4

When is Shipwrecked back on TV?

Shipwrecked is back on E4 at 9PM from Monday 28th January.