Shipwrecked 2019 contestant Hollie Hobin: Age, Career, Instagram revealed

21 January 2019, 15:49 | Updated: 21 January 2019, 18:46

Hollie Shipwrecked 2019
Hollie Shipwrecked 2019. Picture: E4

The Shipwrecked cast has been revealed and fashion influencer Hollie Hobin, 24, will be appearing. We reveal her Instagram, career and more.

Shipwrecked has been rebooted for another series, this time on E4, and it's set to kick off with a brand new cast of beautiful beach bodied babes, who will attempt to survive in the jungle.

One of the cast members this year is Hollie Hobin, an influencer from Bromley.

So what do we know about Hollie Hobin, how old is she and what is her Instagram handle?

We detail everything you need to know about the influencer.

Hollie Hobin age

Hollie is 24 years-old.



Where is Hollie Hobin from?


What is Hollie Hobin's job?

Holly has made her living by posting pictures of her lifestyle on Instagram. So far, she has over 20,000 followers on the platform who subscribe to her fashionable outfits and holiday pictures.

So what else do we know about Hollie's time on the show?

Fashion blogger Holly says she applied after her friends encouraged her to fill out the application, and was happy to embrace nature despite not having had any camping experience.

She said: "I thought it was going to be harder than it was. As everyone chipped in and helped each other out, it made it so much easier. I enjoyed the simpler life. I never thought I would start a fire and I did it. I loved it."

Despite proving very glamourous on Instagram, Hollie says she wasn't fussed about not being able to glam up for the show.

She added: "I did adapt really quickly. Even at home, I am not one to care about my hair and make-up. I am quite laid back and so when it came to that side of it, I adapted really quickly. I guess you just find your role within the island."