Shipwrecked 2019 contestant Kush: Age, career and Instagram revealed

21 January 2019, 17:38 | Updated: 21 January 2019, 18:41

Kush Shipwrecked
Kush Shipwrecked. Picture: Shipwrecked

The Shipwrecked cast have been revealed, so who how old is Kush and what is his Instagram handle? We reveal all.

Shipwrecked has been rebooted for another series, this time on E4, and it's set to kick off with a brand new cast of beautiful beach bodied babes, who will attempt to survive on a deserted island.

One of the cast members this year is Kush, an Recruitment Manager from London.

So what do we know about Kush, what is his age and what is his Instagram handle?

We detail everything you need to know about him...

Where is Kush from?

Kush is from London.

How old is Kush from Shipwrecked?

Kush is 26-years-old.

What is Kush's job?

Kush was a Recruitment manager before quitting his job to appear on Shipwrecked as he claims he always wanted to go travelling.

Is Kush single?

Turns out that Kush didn't arrive on the island with a partner, although it's not yet known whether he found love when he was on the island.

He said: "Yes and I was so open to finding someone. But I am very picky! When you are out there, you are so focused about growing in yourself that you almost think you don’t want anyone."

So what else do we know about Kush's time on the island?

Well, it turns out this year's contestants are a lot more pampered than contestants in the past, and they were allowed to bring a luxury item.

Kush revealed he took some fairy lights and a pillow which went down well with his fellow islanders.

He said: "Everyone laughed I had brought along fairy lights but they made our dinner table, swing and bathroom glow."