Who is Shipwrecked 2019 contestant Liv Jawando? Age, job and Instagram revealed

21 January 2019, 18:50

Liv is a contestant on the upcoming revamped series of Shipwrecked
Liv is a contestant on the upcoming revamped series of Shipwrecked. Picture: Instagram

Shipwrecked 2019 cast: Get to know new contestant Liv Jawando - age, job, boyfriend and more.

Shipwrecked returns to E4 on 28 January, and we've now been given our first glimpse of the new contestants (some of which weren't even born when the show first started - yep, we feel old).

Yep, after an eight year hiatus, the original Love Island, and probably the best reality show ever is back on our screens at the end of the month.

One member of the cast is Liv Jawando, and we have everything you need to know about the glamorous waitress.

Liv is a contestant on the revamped series of Shipwrecked
Liv is a contestant on the revamped series of Shipwrecked. Picture: E4

Who is Liv Jawando? What's her age and job?

Liv, 19, is a Waitress from Manchester.

Speaking about her decision to go on Shipwrecked, she said: "I needed something different in my life. At the time, I didn’t know what to expect but I wanted to meet new people and to see what would happen.

"And when asked why she thinks she was chosen, Liv added: "I am different. I am from a council estate and I have never done anything like this before. I am a very strong person, I know who I am and what I am about.

"If I want something I will get it. They probably thought ‘here’s a young girl, she is 19, she can hold her own and so let’s throw her on the island and see what happens!’"

Does Shipwrecked's Liv Jawando have Instagram?

She does indeed! You can follow her @livleilani.

Does Liv Jawando have a boyfriend?

Liv doesn't have a boyfriend, and initially fancied one of her fellow islanders before finding out he was gay. She said: "I did fancy Chris at first until I found out he was gay! Chris is like my big brother and we speak all the time."

Does Liv have a game-plan?

Although Liv had started out with big plans to play the game, she quickly changed her mind after arriving at the island. She said: "I had a bit of a game plan but that completely changed when I got there. I thought everyone would be older and they would tell me what to do. I had my back up ready. When you watch a reality TV show, everyone is bi**hy but this was not like that at all."

Speaking about how the experience changed her, she said: "I went in so angry and full of hate. I think it has made me so open-minded. Now when I am in an argument, I look at the other person’s viewpoint. I feel so much more mature now. I feel I have really grown up. It’s been such a positive experience. Don’t get me wrong though! I am still fiery at times!"

The revamped series of Shipwrecked is back in January
The revamped series of Shipwrecked is back in January. Picture: E4

When is Shipwrecked back on TV?

Shipwrecked is back on E4 at 9PM from Monday 28th January.