Shipwrecked Tom Wotton: Everything you need to know from age to job and Instagram handle

22 January 2019, 11:52

Shipwrecked Tom Wotton
Tom Wotton is one of the new Shipwrecked contestants . Picture: E4
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

Shipwrecked is back for 2019 on E4 and Tom Wotton has been announced as one of the contestants – but what do we know about him?

Popular reality show Shipwrecked aired it’s last episode in 2012, but is now back on E4 and better than ever.

Just like the earlier series, the show will see two teams shipwrecked and divided into the Tigers and the Sharks.

The two teams will battle it out in the ultimate popularity contest.

Tom Wotton is one of the contestants being shipwrecked – here’s everything you need to know about him.

Tom Wotton Shipwrecked
Tom Wotton is a 20 year old student from Devon. Picture: Instagram @Tom_Wotton


Tom is 20 years old.

While young, Tom says he has an “old school mind-set” and is not materialistic “compared to others” his age.

Tom Wotton on Shipwrecked
Tom Wotton is studying at Loughborough University as well as training to join the marines . Picture: Instagram @Tom_Wotton


Tom is a student from Devon studying industrial design at Loughborough University.

He is also training for the marines.

Social Media

You can keep up with Tom by following his Instagram Tom_Wotton.