Strangeways Here We Come: When is Michelle Keegan's film released? Trailer, time and channel

23 October 2018, 12:07

Michelle Keegan is set to star in her debut movie, but where can you watch it and when is the release date?

Michelle Keegan has stripped back her glamorous appearance for a role in a new film, Strangeways Here We Come, a dark comedy set to hit cinemas on October 5.

The Our Girl actress, who is married to Mark Wright, has just barley wrapped up her second series on the ITV drama and she has already lined up a job on the big screen.

This will be Michelle's debut film since leaving Coronation Street, but the film will be set back up north in her hometown of Manchester. 

So what do we know about the film so far? And when is Michelle Keegan's film released? We have all the details:

What is Strangeways Here We Come about? 

Michelle Keegan stars as Demi, a girl who has been sucked into debt by an evil loan shark. In the trailer the opening scenes are nothing short of dramatic and starts with Keegan's character at a party, before cutting to scenes where they are burying a dead body in a shallow grave.

Where was Strangeways Here Come filmed? 

The film is based in Salford, greater Manchester.

When is Michelle Keegan's film released? 

Strangeways Here We Come is released on October 5 2018.

Where can I watch Michelle Keegan's film? 

You can watch the film in UK cinemas, not TV, from October 5.