Strictly Come Dancing 2018 final: When is it?

28 September 2018, 16:46

Strictly Come Dancing curse

When is the Strictly Come Dancing final of 2018? BBC announces show date and we're already excited.

Strictly Come Dancing begins the series with fifteen celebrities, but by the last week there is only three couples remaining.

The final show always comes round far too quickly and means that Christmas is just around the corner, so when is the Strictly Come Dancing final?

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It's yet to be officially confirmed but based on previous years, it's safe to assume that it will fall on Saturday 15th September.

Previous years have seen the final Strictly weekend fall on the third weekend of the month so celebrities, dancers and judges all get a chance to recover and relax before Christmas.

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The 2017 Strictly come dancing final was held on Saturday 16th December, so the 15th is a pretty good guess for this year's date.

The launch night of Strictly Come Dancing 2018 was on Saturday 8th September where viewers at home saw the celebrities matched with their dance partners.

The first official night of dancing and judging will kick off on Saturday 22nd September on BBC One.