The Apprentice behind the scenes secrets: From filming two winner scenes to the fake receptionist

2 October 2019, 15:19

The Apprentice is back with 16 new contestants hoping to become Lord Sugar's new apprentice
The Apprentice is back with 16 new contestants hoping to become Lord Sugar's new apprentice. Picture: BBC
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

BBC's The Apprentice is back, but all is not as it seems on the hit business show.

The Apprentice is one of the UK's favourite shows, which sees Lord Alan Sugar search for a new business partner – or his 'Apprentice' – from a small selection of wanna-be entrepreneurs.

The BBC show sees the contestants assigned a task each week in changing teams, with one person being fired each week – of course – with the iconic walk to the taxi with their suitcase scene.

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At the end of the series, Alan Sugar hires his apprentice, who he goes into business with.

However, the iconic scenes are not all they seem, as there are a lot of things viewers don't know about the making of the show, take a look:

There is a lot going on behind-the-scenes of The Apprentice's
There is a lot going on behind-the-scenes of The Apprentice's. Picture: BBC

Lord Alan Sugar’s receptionist is actually an actress

You know the lady that gets a phone call from Sir Alan Sugar? The one who tells them: “Lord Sugar is ready for you now.”

Well, it turns out she’s an actress – with only one line through the series.

The role was previously played by Samantha Moon, who was called Frances on the show, after Lord Sugar’s real receptionist.

Contestants film their exits before the show starts

Shockingly, the first scene the contestants of The Apprentice film is them leaving the board room after being fired.

This scene is then aired – and if – that person is fired from the show.

The winner will have a clip, it just won’t be shown on TV.

According to Radio Times, a former contestant explained: “Everyone films that getting into the taxi shot almost straightaway at the beginning of the process.

“So even the winner has one – it’s just never aired.”

Lord Sugar's boardroom on the show is actually a set
Lord Sugar's boardroom on the show is actually a set. Picture: BBC

The boardroom is a set

While it is made out to be Sir Sugar’s real office, The Apprentice’s boardroom is in fact in a studio in Acton in west London.

The cafe that the contestants in danger of being fired go to following the first stint in the board room is real, and is located just around the corner from the West London studio.

There are two winners

The BBC have previously revealed that two finales are filmed – with each finalist winning.

They said: “Two endings are filmed to ensure the winner isn’t revealed in advance.

“Lord Sugar doesn’t tell the production team and the finalists who his Apprentice is until the day before the final programme is shown.”

Lord Sugar's receptionist is also an actress
Lord Sugar's receptionist is also an actress. Picture: BBC

Unless you win, the pay isn’t great

Contestants of The Apprentice are paid £2,000 to appear on the show, no matter how long you last.

For those people fired within the first few weeks, they’re heading home with an extra £2,000, for those that make it all the way to the final but don’t win, they’re most likely to be out of pocket.

The £2,000 is reportedly “just about enough to pay the mortgage for the time you’re away”, according to a former contestant.