The Chase viewers fume as Bradley Walsh 'ignores correct answer'

12 November 2020, 10:05 | Updated: 2 December 2020, 09:06

The Chase fans have branded Bradley Walsh 'harsh' after his decision to reject one answer.

Fans of The Chase were not happy with host Bradley Walsh this week, as they accused him of ignoring the right answer.

Contestant Leslie appeared on the show on Tuesday, and was asked a question about a cookery author during the cash builder.

Bradley asked: "The mistress is chapter one in a book from 1961 from which cookery writer?"

"Beaston," the she replied, with Bradley correcting: "Mrs Beeton,” before adding: “Bad luck Leslie with that - you just missed out.”

Leslie managed to answer five questions correctly, going up against Chaser Paul ’The Sinnerman’ Sinha with £5,000 in the bank.

Leslie lost out on £6k with her answer on The Chase
Leslie lost out on £6k with her answer on The Chase. Picture: ITV

But viewers were convinced she actually got the question right, with many taking to Twitter to challenge the result.

“Leslie said ‘Beaton’. Rewound it to check. Should have had £6k,” said one person.

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A second wrote: “She got Beaton should have had the point #TheChase.”

While another added: “Surely she said Beaton? Unlucky. #TheChase,” and a fourth agreed: “(a) did she not say *Beeton* and (b) if she did, that seems more than a bit harsh not to give it to her.”

One more fan argued: “Sounded like Beaton to me, Brad just ignored her #TheChase.”

Later in the show, Leslie went up against the Chaser in the final round alongside teammates Randall and Debbie.

The trio built up a whopping £45,000 in the cash builder, but unfortunately they only managed to answer 17 questions correctly in the final chase and Paul caught them with 28 seconds remaining.

After his win, Paul said: "Thank you, the key was you not getting 20 which meant I could go at a different speed, I had time to slow down.”

Meanwhile, fans of The Chase will be welcoming a new star to the show soon in the form of former contestant Darragh Ennis.

Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, ITV bosses shared a video which gives a glimpse of the latest addition to the game show.

In the clip, the silhouette of a man can be seen as host Bradley asks a contestant: “Are we taking on a mystery brain box from somewhere on the planet?”

The caption reads: “Everyone has been asking about it, and today you got a glimpse of what is to come with a look at the new Chaser's silhouette.

“You're going to want to keep watching future episodes to find out more 👀 #TheChase.”

And fans of the show were quick to speculate the new Chaser is former contestant Darragh Ennis.

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