The Chase viewers outraged as contestant takes £2,000 from team after scoring 0

23 April 2020, 11:38 | Updated: 2 December 2020, 09:07

The Chase viewers fumed over the latest episode
The Chase viewers fumed over the latest episode. Picture: ITV

A contestant on The Chase ended up taking the minus offer after a disastrous cash builder round.

The pressure of being on TV definitely got the better of one contestant on The Chase during Bradley Walsh’s game show last night.

Ollie was second up to face The Beast, aka Mark Labbett, but things didn’t exactly start well in the cash builder round as he failed to answer any questions correctly.

When Bradley asked: “In a kitchen, what has a plughole?”, Ollie seemed to panic and responded: “A plug,” instead of the correct answer - a sink.

After the disastrous round, The Beast told him: "Well to misquote another famous Ollie, what another fine mess you've got yourself in."

Ollie didn't have a good start on The Chase
Ollie didn't have a good start on The Chase. Picture: ITV
Mark Labbett offered Ollie -£2k on The Chase
Mark Labbett offered Ollie -£2k on The Chase. Picture: ITV

He then went on to offer him either the lower offer of -£2,000, what he earned - which was £0 - or a high offer of £20,000.

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Ollie shocked viewers by deciding to go for the lower offer, taking £2,000 from the £6,000 cash pot fellow contestant Daniel had just earned.

“Ollie you taking the low offer when you didn’t get one question right!! #thechase”, said one fan.

Another joked: "I bet he hopes his friends aren't watching.#TheChase.”

Ollie redeemed himself and made it through to the final chase along with Daniel and Anne.

However, unfortunately the team didn’t manage to beat the chaser, and no one went home with the £10,000 they’d managed to build up.

This comes after it was revealed a brand new chaser would be joining the team of brainboxes.

According to the Mirror, former contestant Darragh Ennis is set to be announced as the sixth Chaser alongside Anne Hegarty, Paul Sinha, Mark Labbett, Jenny Ryan and Shaun Wallace.

Darragh Ennis appeared on The Chase in March 2017
Darragh Ennis appeared on The Chase in March 2017. Picture: ITV

Darragh - who is a post-doctoral researcher at Oxford University - will be the first new chaser to join the lineup since The Vixen, Jenny Ryan started in 2015.

A show source told the Mirror: “Darragh has got what it takes to be a Chaser, he has been put to the test and passed with flying colours.

“They don't bring in new members on The Chase regularly so this is a big deal for the show and Darragh.”

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