The Vixen Is Left Speechless After This Cringe-Worthy Blunder On The Chase!

4 October 2017, 15:59 | Updated: 4 October 2017, 17:12

The Chase Contestant Asset

Chaser, Jenny Ryan was left at a loss for words after this cheeky contestant made this massive error.

It's very hard to get The Chasers to be at a loss for words but that's exactly what one contestant did after he made a very embarrassing blip during Wednesday night's episode.

58-year-old Ron told host Bradley Walsh, 57, that he enjoys playing guitar in his local rock band in his spare time and was keen to win some money to treat his granddaughter Nicole to a pony.

After racking up £2,000 in the cash builder round, Ron admitted "nerves got the better of him", and when asked which Chaser he'd like to go up against, Ron replied: "It would have to be Anne."

However, Ron was left disappointed when The Vixen strutted onto the stage.

When greeted with by the chaser, he mistakenly called responded: "Afternoon Anne."

He quickly corrected himself, but not before the studio audience erupted into fits of laughter.

Thankfully Ron's nerves settled and he made it back home with his two grand.

He and two of his fellow contestants went on to beat the Chaser in the final round, securing a share of the £12,000 prize pot.

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