Will The Durrells return to ITV? The latest rumours about the new season

12 July 2020, 18:00 | Updated: 12 July 2020, 18:01

Will The Durrells return to ITV?
Will The Durrells return to ITV? Picture: ITV
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Will there be another series of The Durrells on ITV? Here's what we know...

Fans of The Durrells are over the moon that the first season of the drama is airing on ITV for a second time.

The series - which is based on Gerard Durrell’s autobiographical books - tells the story of a woman who moves from Bournemouth to the small Greek island with her three children after the death of her husband.

But despite season four of the show promising to be the last, it looks like this isn’t the final farewell, as now producers have teased talks are underway for another chapter in The Durrells story.

Will Keeley Hawes return as Louisa Durrell?
Will Keeley Hawes return as Louisa Durrell? Picture: ITV

So, here’s everything you need to know about a possible spin off...

Will there be another series of The Durrells?

While Louisa Durrell (played by Keeley Hawes) may have finished her adventure in Corfu with her boys when they were forced to move back to the UK during WW2, apparently the story isn’t over.

ITV show's executive producer Sally Woodward Gentle confirmed that the show's writer Simon Nye is in ‘talks’ to develop more books from Gerald Durrell.

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"There are other books," she told Deadline.

"We've been down to Bournemouth to meet [Gerald Durrell’s] granddaughter.

"We've got a strong idea of what we're going to do and Simon's starting to work on it."

What have the cast said about a new season?

It looks like ITV bosses aren’t the only ones keen to revive the show, as stars Callum Woodhouse and Milo Parker - who played Leslie and Gerry Durrell - teased there might even be a Christmas special.

"We'd love a Christmas special or an Easter special," Calum revealed to Sunday Brunch hosts Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer last month.

"Downton Abbey's got the movie coming out, why can't we?"

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Joking about a Durrells musical, he added: "Or the musical! Yeah, Danny [Mac] could be in it with us."

Meanwhile, his co-star Josh O'Connor (aka Larry Durrell) has said he thinks the series should be “given some space” following the last episode.

The Durrells Season 4
The Durrells Season 4. Picture: ITV

"I'm sure there are stories to be told but it just sort of feels like a really good time to give it some space now," he told Digital Spy.

"All of us are off doing different things and that's really exciting, and it's been a beautiful part of our lives, so who knows if we'll ever come back to it."

Will there be a Durrells spin off show?

While the cast are seemingly split over a revival of the series, Keeley Hawes has teased there could be a spin-off in the pipeline.

Talking to TV Times, the actress said: “The whole period of time filming this show has been like being in a little glowy bubble.

Spiro and Louisa The Durrells
Spiro and Louisa The Durrells. Picture: BBC

“I have clear memories of arriving in Corfu. It’s been a privilege watching the cast grow up. I couldn’t love them more.

“Is it the end? Well, it’s not like the Durrells [in real life] left Corfu and were really boring; they all went on to have interesting lives. I know we’d all be up for a spin-off…”