The One Show hit by 287 complaints over hair dyeing advice during lockdown

7 April 2020, 08:07 | Updated: 7 April 2020, 08:10

The One Show was criticised over a segment about hair dye
The One Show was criticised over a segment about hair dye. Picture: BBC

Hairdressers and stylists were furious with a segment on The One Show which gave hair dyeing tips.

The One Show has been hit by 287 complaints after a segment about hair dyeing in lockdown aired last month.

Some viewers of the BBC programme were furious during an interview with stylist Michael Douglas, as he told people how they can look after their hair without going to the hairdressers.

In a video chat with presenter Alex Jones, Michael said that buying a box hair dye from your local shop ‘is exactly the same stuff that gets used in salons’, before suggesting trying semi-permanent dye if you were unsure.

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However, a BBC spokesman has since revealed many viewers ‘felt hairdresser Michael made an inaccurate statement about hair dyes and/or feels this could be damaging to the hairdressing industry’.

The full statement on the site read: “We received complaints regarding our item on dying hair at home.

“The One Show had been contacted by a number of viewers asking if they could go to the hairdressers given the current advice about social distancing. We therefore decided to include this item which looked at whether we should be cutting hair ourselves.

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“We gave viewers some simple advice to help them feel confident about managing their hair until they are able to get their hairdresser to do the job properly.

“Our hairdresser did suggest people should seek advice from their hairdressers and we believe viewers would be aware of the need to carefully check the instructions for any product they buy.”

Michael Douglas defended his comments about hair dye
Michael Douglas defended his comments about hair dye. Picture: Instagram

Michael also took to his own Instagram page, defending what he said on the show and apologising to viewers.

Speaking to the camera, he said: “I did make a controversial statement saying box dyes were the same as salon products.

“It wasn’t an incorrect statement, but I probably should have clarified that what the hairdresser offers is the skill and expertise, application, colour choice, the ability to blend colours together.

“I was making a point that it is safe to colour your own hair… but I did not want to cause any damage or dismay to the industry I am a part of.”

The caption reads: “An apology and an explanation.

“I really didn’t mean to upset so many of you. My intention was just to help viewers and consumers with specific queries they had posed.”

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