The 'This Morning' Set Has Been Invaded By Mice!

10 January 2017, 13:23 | Updated: 14 July 2017, 11:11

The 'This Morning' Set Has Been Invaded By Mice!

By Hollie Borland

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby were left squirming on This Morning after the crew failed to catch a mouse that ran across the studio!

They're known for their uncontrollable giggling on the daytime TV show, but Phil and Holly found it far from funny when a mouse was spotted running across the This Morning studio. 

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby were left squirming after the crew failed to catch the furry rodent when it was seen scurrying across the studio during an ad break.

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Holly said: "We have a mouse, during the break it ran out and was by a pillar. I love the way that you (crew member) decided the best way to catch it was by using a brass pot.

"There's more than one in here. There's one that lives over there and there's one that lives over here and I think they were enticed out by the drum. I think they liked the sound."

Phillip added: "Because the one that was sitting listening to health headlines was sitting there looking like: 'Oh I like this.' I like mice, I think they're sweet.

Holly concluded: "I don't like it when they're not self-contained."

This isn't the first time the studio has been targeted by animals as the dressing rooms backstage were riddled with Tineola bisselliella - also known as the common clothes moth - in the summer and the insects had been secretly chomping on their clothes for weeks.

Bug expert Stuart Hine said at the time: "We had a look in various parts of the back of the studio and there is a large infestation of clothes moths.

"They're all over the walls. I wouldn't step in there in your Cashmere clothes because you're taking those home with you and you'll be riddled [with more moths]."

Phillip was initially concerned for the show's iconic blue sofa, but was relieved to find out that all the guests who appear on the programme and plonk their bottoms on the blue velvet have actually saved the well-loved piece of furniture from being gnawed.

Stuart explained: "If it's [the sofa is] made of wool, then it is but plenty of disturbance - you have lots of guests on here - will keep them at bay."

Although the presenters and camera crew have been oblivious to the moth infestation, it's believed the critters had been taking over the studio for months as Rylan Clark-Neal - who hosts the showbiz segment on the show - was attacked by one in March.