Beat The Chasers contestant wins £50k by beating all five chasers for first time

5 January 2021, 07:42

Essex woman wins £50,000 by beating all five Chasers for the first time ever

A contestant on Beat the Chasers beat all five of the show's quiz experts to take home a whopping £50,000.

A brand new quiz series started last year, with Bradley Walsh hosting Beat The Chasers.

And the spin-off show is back this January, with contestants taking on the infamous Chasers as a team, rather than on their own.

During the general knowledge game, players are given the choice of taking on between two and five Chasers for increasing amounts of money.

The higher the sum they go for, the less time they have to answer their questions.

Kat won a whopping £50k on Beat the Chasers
Kat won a whopping £50k on Beat the Chasers. Picture: ITV

This didn’t seem to phase Monday evening’s contestant Kat Glennie-Soares, who decided to take on all five of the Chasers – Paul Sinha, Jenny Ryan, Anne Hegerty, Shaun Wallace and Mark Labbett.

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The accountant from Essex had 60 seconds on her clock and was playing for a whopping £50,000.

But despite taking on some of the biggest brains in the country, she managed to take home the prize money after Mark and Jenny both stumbled over answers.

This makes her the first contestant to beat all five Chasers this series, with Kat revealing she’s going to spend the money on her wedding and getting another dog.

Kat took on all five Chasers on Monday
Kat took on all five Chasers on Monday. Picture: ITV

After the amazing moment, one viewer wrote on Twitter: "Loved seeing Kat walk away with £50K on #BeatTheChasers She kept her nerve & that's why she won. Well done lady. You should be very proud."

"I'm so happy for Kat for winning a large amount of money. She seems like a humble person. #BeatTheChasers " a second added.

Meanwhile, Kat recently revealed that she didn’t even revise before entering the show because she was ‘too stressed’.

She told The Daily Mail: "As soon as I knew I was going on, I couldn't prep," she said. "Honestly, I was just too stressed about filling my brain with things I didn't necessarily need to know. I just thought I'd go on and see what happens.

"So, when it came to it, I just decided to relax. At home spa days and chilling… but it came around so quickly. All of a sudden it was the day!"

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