The Chase viewers call for contestant to be brought back after 'impossible' space question

6 May 2022, 10:40 | Updated: 6 May 2022, 10:43

Janet was caught out by Chaser Paul Sinha with a very hard question about space.

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The Chase viewers were left shocked this week when the contestants were hit with a very tricky question.

Taking on expert quizzer Paul ‘Sinnerman’ Sinha on Thursday were Dominic, Georgina, Janet and Leroy.

Retired planning manager Janet got off to a good start when she managed to answer an impressive eight of Bradley Walsh’s questions right in the first cashbuilder round.

But when she went against Paul, things didn’t exactly go to plan and she ended up being caught by the Chaser.

Janet failed to answer a question about the weight of the earth on The Chase
Janet failed to answer a question about the weight of the earth on The Chase. Picture: ITV

After choosing to stay with the £8,000 offer, host Bradley asked: "What is the approximate weight of the Earth in kilograms?"

The answer options were six quintillions, six sextillions or six septillions.

While Janet picked six sextillions, Paul picked the correct answer which was six septillions, before saying: “I picked the highest, it was a total guess.”

Bradley was clearly baffled by the question too, as he joked: "How would you even weight the earth?"

And fans of the show thought the question was way too hard, with one writing on Twitter: “Unlucky Janet tough questions.”

Someone else said: “How was Janet supposed to know the weight of the earth ??? Pop it on a pair of kitchen scales ???? Ridiculous #thechase bring her back ,questions are supposed to be factual not estimated clap trap!”

Paul Sinha even guessed The Chase question
Paul Sinha even guessed The Chase question. Picture: ITV

“Terrible and stupid first 2 questions for Janet on #TheChase,” a third slammed, while a fourth commented: “Hard lines Janet. Awful questions tbf #TheChase.”

A sixth added: "#TheChase this past while it seems that the questions given to good players are ridiculous. Almost as if they’re trying to get rid of them."

Janet wasn’t the only contestant who struggled, as Georgina from Cumbria also didn’t make it to the final round and after picking the high offer of £55,000, neither did Londoner LeRoy.

So it was left to Dominic to try and win the £5,000 he had built up on his own.

Despite answering an impressive 14 questions correctly, Paul managed to catch Dominic with 30 seconds to spare and he went home empty handed.