This Morning guest reveals she makes jewellery out of breastmilk

17 August 2021, 12:12 | Updated: 17 August 2021, 12:23

A woman from Wirral shocked This Morning viewers with her unusual business venture...

A guest on This Morning caused quite a stir yesterday after revealing that she makes jewellery out of breastmilk.

Alison Hawthorn, 30, from Wirral, discussed her unusual business venture with hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford, revealing that she'd been inspired to start it during lockdown when she gave birth to twins.

She said: "I breast-fed my twins and I wanted something to commemorate our feeding journey. I had breast milk and I had the resin so I knew it could be done and just researched and practiced."

Alison gave birth to twins over lockdown
Alison gave birth to twins over lockdown. Picture: ITV

Alison added that people reached out to her on social media after she posted her finished products, and she subsequently launched her own arts and craft shop selling DNA jewellery.

Describing how to do it, Alison said: "I need a very small amount, 10ml is absolutely fine. I worked really hard and came up with a preservation powder that I created myself,' she said. 

"The milk goes through a double boiling method. It's heated, I add some preservation powder to it and then it's left out to dry. 

"Once it's fully dried, it turns out like flakes, and then I grind it down until it turns into a powder."

She revealed that she had also expanded the business, and makes jewellery out of pet fur, ashes, baby teeth and umbilical cords.

Alison set up a business after receiving a positive response on social media
Alison set up a business after receiving a positive response on social media. Picture: ITV
Many This Morning viewers praised Alison's venture
Many This Morning viewers praised Alison's venture. Picture: ITV

Alison said that she understands why people are confused by her business, but added: "I understand it's breast-milk, but, at the end of the day, it is only milk. There's nothing disgusting about it because it's natural."

Many This Morning fans rushed to praise Alison, with one writing: "Surprised to see so many people disgusted by the breastmilk jewellery on #ThisMorning. Anything that normalises breastfeeding is amazing. The pride and sense of achievement you get from breastfeeding your baby contained, why not."

Another added: "I’m just watching @thismorning and there is a lady on that makes some stunning jewellery from breast milk, such a beautiful way to commemorate such a wonderful thing."