WATCH: This Morning Spark Debate Over Setting Homework During The Holidays

27 October 2017, 12:01 | Updated: 27 October 2017, 12:06

Homework Debate

By Alice Westoby

This Morning started a big Twitter debate over whether homework should be allowed during the school holidays.

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This week Ben Shephard and Amanda Holden have been stepping in for Holly and Phil who are away during half term and got into a discussion about whether homework should be allowed during the school holidays.


They were joined on the sofa by parent Clair Muldoon who is keen to banish homework during half term and head teacher Christine Cuniffe who is in favour of work during the holidays.

Deb Thomson who was on holiday in Greece for the break from school (it is October half term this week for schools in England and Wales) joined in the chat via Skype to give her thoughts. 

She explained how she told her children to not bring their homework with them on holiday because "it's a family holiday and we get very little time with them as it is."

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However Christine, who is a head teacher argued that it helps to continue the structure that exists during term times when they are away from school on a break. 

Of course with many of the debates on this morning the conversation continued at home with viewers chiming in with their thoughts on Twitter.

What was particularly interesting was the amount of teachers on Twitter who admitted they didn't give their classes homework for the holidays and wanted 'kids to be kids'. 

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